About me

I am a professional composer, sound designer, and audio engineer, specialising in composing original soundtracks for trailers, short films, full length motion pictures, and games.

Based in Ilmenau, Germany and working with with people from all over the world.

I have experience in sound design for movies and games as well as the design and implementation of unique and custom virtual instruments.

  • Owner of ImpactStudios
  • Co-Founder of Terra Music
  • Part of the Global Composers Network admin team
  • Scores for award-winning shortfilms
  • Demos for products by Auddict and SampleHero


Over 20 years ago I had my first contact with piano followed by a 10 year classical education. In that period I fell in love with movie scores and was fascinated by the work of Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore, Harry Gregson-Williams, Klaus Badelt and John Powell to name just a few.
With Cubase 5 in 2009 and after Cubase SX 2 I switched from simple software to proper music production. Currently working with Cubase Pro 10.5 and a growing collection of sample libraries.

Ever since I have been expanding my instrument resources and musical repertoire from electronic beats, acoustic music to big film scores. Besides working digitally my collection of real instruments and microphones keeps on growing. Therefore I taught myself how to play guitar, bass, mandolin, dulcimer, didgeridoo,  harmonica and various percussion instruments.

Over time I have gained knowledge in mixing and mastering as well as experience in several recordings, including a full length album with a punk rock band. Since 2017 I’m developing sample libraries with focus on effective scripting and smart interfaces using Kontakt’s KSP scripting language.
My passion about movies lead to participations in film projects as boom operator and later as sound engineer on set working with professional actors and crew. For my own YouTube video projects I film, edit, animate and design using Photoshop, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro.

None the less composing music engages me the most. I have done custom scores for videos and short movies, produced music for my YouTube channel and album collaborations. Also I write demo cues for sample libraries and stream composing or piano playing live.
There are always new ideas, techniques, styles and projects to discover!

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